The ACT Memorial was designed by Canberra artist Matthew Harding incorporating representations of the world and the overarching goal of peace, and provides a quiet place for remembrance and contemplation.

The memorial space incorporates a circular paved zone positioned along the Ainslie Ave axis between London Circuit and the Canberra Centre. It has been designed to meld with the current landscape setting at the London Circuit end of the median park opposite Civic Square.

The design of the ground plane is comprised of concentric and radial banding representing the global lines of longitude and latitude, which radiate from the focal ceremonial area at the centre. These lines are overlaid and complimented by a phyllotaxtic spiral pattern which serve to visually and physically draw visitors to engage and reflect on the central meaning of the memorial site.

The screen takes the form of a large stylised wing or feather acting as an interpretation of the Dove of Peace that enfolds and nurtures the memorial space and the central globe. Stainless steel tubes rise from an arc along the concentric ground plane, before spiralling and interweaving into the form of the wing/feather above the central ceremonial space.

The gesture of this vertical element is intended to draw the awareness and attention of passers-by and the passing traffic as a place of special significance. At night the screen is illuminated and will glow along the edges of the ascending spiral form by the central memorial element below.

The central sphere acts as a symbol for the world and as a focal point for ceremonial purposes and remembering all those who have served, died, or volunteered during conflicts and on peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

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